dimecres, 1 de desembre de 2010

It's raining leaves (Hannah) / Poor tree ( Sophie)

are falling
to the ground.
When they fall,
they make no sound.
A shower of colours
dripping down:
red, yellow,
green and

Leaves dance
listening the wind,
they flye like a kite.
When they're tired,
they fall to the ground.
The tree looks at them
and says:
D     Y
o    o
n    u
'    '
t    r
*    e
g     *
o      l
*      i
a      k
w     e
a    *
y     m
*     y 
 *    *
*     b
*     e
*    d

Poems are written in a different way from stories. They have verses instead of chapters and are written in lines. Sometimes, but not always, poems use rhyme and rhythm to express ideas. There are many different types of poem, for exemple:
  • List poem: a poem that list ideas on a theme.
  • Shape poem: a poem that forma a shape on the page.
  • Haiku: a japanese poem with 17 syllables.
  • Riddle: a poem with clues like a puzzle.
  • Performance poem: a poem that is actet out.
There are many others, too! For activities about writing poetry

17 comentaris:

Nuria ha dit...

Hannah, I like your poem.
I think that it is a shape poem because it is like a leaf.
I'd like to read more English poems
here in Cyberland.

Joana ha dit...

A shower of colours is a metapfore. What do you think it mean?

Dou you know the four seasons of the year?

This poem is about one of the seasons. Wich one?

Esther ha dit...

The 4 seasons are: spring, summer, autum and winter.
I think your poem is fantastic and perfect


estela ha dit...

This poeem is about autumn

I like it very much

Neus ha dit...

It means that leaves are falling down.

WELCOME!! I like your poem about autumn.

Kisses and cheeses.

Joana ha dit...

Hello, I'm sophie.
Te poem is very pretty.I didn't see it at home.
I would like to do it as well.

Nuria ha dit...

Hello, this is a haiku for you:

Autmn is windy.
All the leaves are on the ground.
they look like a rug.

Hannah ha dit...

Thankyou to everybody.
Nuria I like the haiku a lot. I wish I could do one for you but I have got to go and do my homework.But maybe I'll do one for you soon.
Neus, I know what kisses means but I don't know what you mean by cheeses?
If you mean "abrazos" it is hugs.


Joana ha dit...

Hannah, it's only a joke with rhyme.

Kisses and cheeses!!!


Joana ha dit...

This is for you, Hannah:

Walking on the leaves
I can listen a new song:
"Tonight you're the sun"

I like very much. It's a Shape poem with rhyme and rhytm. It's like a beautiful song about autumn.

I hope you write another one about winter or about another theme.



Hannah ha dit...

Hello Sophie, I'm happy that you've made your dream true. I'like the idea about the shape of a kite. Maybe me and you can do one together.

Nuria ha dit...

Hello Sophie, welcome to Cyberland! I like your shape poem, it looks like a kite.

Celia ha dit...

Hello Sophie and Hannah, I like your poems about autumn.
The first is like a leaf, the second is like a kite.

Esther ha dit...

Sophie, I like your poem. It could be a tree or a kite, but i think that it is a tree.

estela ha dit...

Sophie, your kite is a nice kite for Easter.

Neus ha dit...

Hello Sophie!! I like your poem, I think is special and good for Easter.



Hannah ha dit...

Thakyou for the haiku Joana I like it a lot so here is one for you and Nuria:

Leaves are falling down
because autumn is now here
and the wind is cold.

I hope both you like it.
Hugs and kisses!!