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My name is Nuria.  I'm 10 years old. I was born in 2000, on november 9th. I have one younger sister named Yana. She is 7 years old. We both were born in Spain, but my parents are from Belgium. I play french horn and piano, and on saturday I go to play tennis.

My mum's name is Myriam. She's 37 years old. She's from Belgium.  Her mum's name is Marie-Louise, and her dad's name is Wilfried. She is graduated in physiotherapy, but now she is a housewife. She likes music and reading books. She is nice and beatiful. She is the best mum in the world.

My dad's name is Frank, he is 42 years old. He's from Belgium too. His mum's name is Julienne and his dad's name is André. He is musician, he conducts two bands: one in "Buñol" and an other in "Denia". He likes music. He works also in "Colombia",with a band in "Medellín". He travels a lot. He is fantastic in music and  funny. He is a great dad.

Nuria is my friend
she's 10 yers old and I like
her personality!!!!


Recuerda: His/ her son adjetivos posesivos. his se utiliza para el masculino y her para el femenino. Ambos se traducen por su

  • How old is Nuria?
  • When was she born?
  • Where was she born?
  • Who is her sister?
  • How old is she?
  • What's her mum's name?
  • What's her job?
  • Where is she from?
  • What's her father's name?
  • Where is he from?
  • What's his job?
  • What are her grandparents' names?

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Joana ha dit...

Enhorabuena por tu redacción, Nuria, y por el gran esfuerzo que has hecho al pasarla a word i enviármela.
Mañana la veremos todos juntos en clase y trabajaremos con ella algunos de los pronombres interrogativos del vídeo.
Esstás haciendo unos progresos incrëibles tanto en Valenciano como en inglés.

Esther ha dit...

Hello Nuria!!
Your redaction is fantastic.
say about your family,
I want a present for you, this "Haiku"

Nuria is my friend
she's 10 yers old and I like
your personality!!!!

Joana ha dit...

Lo pongo delante junto con su redacción pero te cambio your por her porque has empezado el texto en tercera persona y debes mantenerla.

Neus ha dit...

Nuria, I like your redaction, is very interesting. Very good!!
I´m going to the bed because is very late. Kisses. :D

estela ha dit...

Nuria, I like your redaction. CONGRATULATIONS.

alexandre ha dit...

She is ten years old.

alexandre ha dit...

Hello, I'm Neus:
She was born in 2000
She was born in Spain.
Her sister is Yana.
Neus: She is seven years old.
Her mum's name is Myriam.
She is a housewife.
She is from Belgium.
Her name is Frank.
Jose M.
He is from Belgium.
He is a musician.
They are: Marie-louise, Wildfred, Julienne and André.

Joana ha dit...

This is only for you, Nuria:

* Who are you?
* When is your birthday?
* Where were you born?
* Who is your sister?
* How old is she?
* What's your mum's name?
* What's her job?
* Where is she from?
* What's your father's name?
* Where is he from?
* What's his job?
* What are your grandparents' names?

Nuria ha dit...

-I am Nuria
-My birthday is on November, 9th
-I was born in the hospital " La Ribera" in Alzira.
- My sister is Yana
- She is 7 years old.
-My mum's name is Myriam.
-She is from Belgium.
-She is a housewife.
-My dad's name is Frank.
-He is from Belgium too.
-They are: Marie-Louise, Wilfried, Julienne and André

Nuria ha dit...

Esther, I like your Haikú very much. Here is one for you:

I like your Haikú,
It's so special that I make,
one for you.

I hope you like it.
I'm go to play french horn.
Bye, bye!

Joana ha dit...

I need your photos!!!