dimarts, 10 de maig de 2011

Winnie the witch

1) What was the cat's name?
2)What was the witch's name?
3) What colour was Wilbur?
4) What colour was the house?
5) Could Winnie see the cat?
6) What did she do?
7) Was Wilbur happy when Winnie changed his colour?
8) How did Wilbur feel?
9) At the end Winnie solved the problem. What did she do?

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Hannah ha dit...

Here you have the answers so you can correct the ones you have in your notebook:

1.The cat's name was Wilbur.
2.The witch's name was Winnie.
3.Wilbur was black.
4.The house was black.
5.No,Winnie could not see Wilbur.
6.One day, Winnie decided to turn Wilbur different colours.
7.No he didn't.
8.Wilbur felt and looked ridicolous because even the birds laughed at him.
9.Winnie turned Wilbur black again and turned the house clourful.